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  • "dedicated to the protection of innovation, competition and open source software against the use and abuse of software patents."

    "Europe is currently prohibiting patents on computer programmes as such and requires for a patent to be granted that it has an industrial application. This gives its members an economic advantage, protects open source software all over the world and stimulates innovation made by small companies. However, powerful pressures are trying to make Europe change its wise position on software patents. thinks the new EU position on software patents is a threat to competition, small companies, innovation and open source software."

    The freepatents mailing list is very active. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in following the software patent issues in Europe. The mailing list has more of a European slant than the web site--there is apparently a lot of legislative activity going on in Europe with respect to changing software patent requirements, activity and political discussion that simply doesn't seem to be going on anywhere else at the moment.

  • The Patent Watch Project is a project of the International Center for Technology Assessment in Washington DC. It is dedicated to exposing and correcting societal problems engendered by the inappropriate use of the patent system.

  • League for Programming Freedom: If you are interested in reading more on software patents issues, I highly recommend reading every page on this site.
  • The EuroLinux Alliance, "promotes a free information infrastructure in order to guarantee optimal economic conditions for free competition, innovation, and technology diffusion in the IT industry."
  • Association for the Promotion of a Free Informational Infrastructure. (website in German) Here is the English translation.
  • The Software Patent Institute maintains a database of non-patent prior art of software techniques.
  • by Source Translation Optimization, provides "legal resources and tools for surviving the patenting frenzy of the Internet, bioinformatics, and electronic commerce", and provides resources for checking if a patent may be invalid.
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